Art of the Absurd and beyond

About Us: A Guide to ArtAbsurd, or How to Stop Worrying and Love the Absurd

Welcome to ArtAbsurd — the only place in the Universe where art laughs at its own jokes, and spectators sometimes laugh along with it. If you’ve been seeking refuge from reality, congratulations! You’ve found it… probably.

Here at ArtAbsurd, we believe that if life gives you lemons, it’s time to draw dynamic sound amplifiers. We don’t just cross boundaries — we ignore them, draw new ones, and then forget where they are.

What do we offer?
A collection of art created by beings from parallel dimensions? Stochastic vibrators? Cascading flippers of recursive penguins? Yes. All of that and even pies. We love them. Pies. Just like we love you.

Our mission?
To provide you with a journey to a world where logic and common sense were not invited. We aim to ensure that everyone who visits ArtAbsurd leaves with the question: “How much do forks cost?” — and a smile on their face, because, after all, isn’t that what art is about? Though no. It’s not. But we don’t care.

In our shop, you’ll find everything from paintings to sculptures, from t-shirts to – who knows what else our authors will think of next. And yes, sometimes we even offer art that can be hung on the wall… if you’re brave enough to explain it to your grandmother.

ArtAbsurd is not just a gallery; it’s a celebration of surprise, where each piece of art is a joke played on the very concept of art itself. Sometimes we don’t even understand whether we’re laughing at the art or if it’s laughing at us.

So get ready. Take your sense of humor, and a folding knife, leave rationality at the door, and jump into our rabbit hole of absurdity. Who knows? Maybe this is where you’ll find what you weren’t even looking for.

Welcome to ArtAbsurd. Are you ready to forget everything you knew about art?


USA, Delaware, New Castle
11 Southgate Blvd C25, A3033
+1 302 4408380